Data Techno Park

Data Techno Park

Who we are

Data Techno Park* is a business environment institution, and for nearly 10 years it has been successfully implementing innovative solutions and modern technologies.
The medical sector is our priority. Through many-years’ experience in cooperating with the medical sector we have gained wide knowledge which we use today when working with organizations and institutions representing various branches of science and business.
*Before 2013 the company operated under the name Wrocławski Medyczny Park Naukowo – Technologiczny.


Medical University in Wroclaw


Wroclaw Municipality

Projects implemented by Data Techno Park

  • Establishment of the Polish centre for innovation and technology transfer in the e-health sector
  • Construction of the Medical Centre for Data Processing and launch of professional server room services
  • Academic Innovation Incubator
  • Management and development of the Polish e-Health Cluster
  • Networking of technology parks and clusters (Cu+ Cluster, Nutribiomed Cluster, Cluster for the development of modern low-invasive technologies in diagnosing and treating elderly people, Cluster of e-public services for the Pomerania Science and Technology Park in Szczecin, Medical tourism cluster for the City of Bydgoszcz)
  • Preventive and Screening Programmes
  • Conferences and platforms for sharing knowledge
  • KNOW HEALTH Forum 2011, 2012, 2013
  • VAIL Conference 28-30.07.2013
  • “Modern IT and management tools in times of electronic
  • medical records”
  • “Polish-Norwegian Telemedicine Forum”

Key areas of operation:

  • modern IT services both related to infrastructure (Medical Centre for Data Processing) and application
  • medical consultancy covering a wide spectrum of services: from defining a corporate strategy, through re-organization and financial management, human resource management, to end with the design and implementation of medical solutions
  • technology transfer – the process of adapting the results of scientific research,
  • patents or innovative ideas for their use in practice
  • capital investments in spin-off companies through which we efficiently initiate and support knowledge transfer between scientists, research organizations and the private sector
  • health care marketing based on the positio- ning of products and services provided by health care and public health centers
  • management in health care, both through the use of modern IT systems such as ERP, and the management of specific projects implemented by such organizations as provincial governments, consortia of health care providers and medical universities
  • epidemiology, which we consider in our operations as a complementary but also critical measure of the effect of environmen- tal factors on the population’s health and quality of life
  • kdevelopment of initiatives in biotechnolo- gy, which we help to implement in the health care sector
  • clinical studies, through which we actively participate in the development of innovative medicinal products and/or medical devices