Know Health

Know Health

The 3rd Know Health International Forum on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Healthy communities: contemporary challenges and the technologies of tomorrow’ was the central slogan of the third edition of the Forum, held in Wrocław on 12-14 November 2013.


The subject of disability was raised by George Jesien, Executive Director at the Association of University Centers on Disabilities, that of oncological prophylaxis by Corinne Leach, Director at the American Cancer Society, and Bradford Hesse, Branch Chief at the National Cancer Institute. Nor did the event lack specialists in the use of modern information and communication technologies in patient care, with attendees including Robert Begier, representative of the European Commission.


Organized for all participants in the Forum were morning ‚good form’ workshops – physical activities with elements of practices including yoga and Pilates – with a new feature being the ‚table session’, in the course of which those taking part had the opportunity to confront a business problem, with one of the expert Forum participants.


Also discussed at the Forum were the social costs of diseases of affluence, with a working group being set up to assess the indirect costs of chronic illnesses.

The 2nd Know Health International Forum on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

 The second edition of the Know Health Forum took place in Wrocław on 6-8 November 2012.


The core conference slogan – ‚From prevention to lifestyle – a review of best practices’ – was centred on the following health problems: prevention of addictions, activation of the elderly and avoidance of illness in the workplace. Discussing problems arising in factors such as the epidemiological, as well as ideas for solutions, were specialists Brian Luke Seaward, one of the foremost international experts in the field of holistic stress management, Jan Jansen, manager of the Consultation & Innovation department at the Netherlands Institute for Health Promotion, Yosuke Chikamoto, an expert in health promotion, international knowledge transfer and planning of research development at the public health organization, and Dee Edington, Director of the Health Management Research Center, one of the leading researchers at the School of Public Health.


Also discussed at the Forum were effective multisectoral activities for prevention of addictions, along with relations in the public, social and business sphere in health promotion, seeking an answer to the question of who in Poland is responsible for programmes for health promotion and disease prevention.


The 1st Know Health International Forum on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention


On 18-20 October 2011 Wrocław was a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience in health promotion and disease prevention. The Forum brought together representatives of the self-government, business and medical communities. The originator and organizer of the conference was Forum Medicum Association of Wrocław.


Among the guests invited for the first edition of the Know Health Forum were specialists of world renown in the field of public health and in marketing and economics, including David Katz, founder and director of the Prevention Research Center at Yale University, Michael P. Donnell, president and editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Health Promotion, Alison Hardy, promotional campaign coordinator in the Change4Life campaign preventing obesity in children in England, and Harald Skoglund, coordinator of the 60Plus programme, aimed at encouraging physical and social activity among elderly residents of Oslo.


Also discussed at the Forum was the collaboration of the public sector with commercial firms, with debate being inspired as to the setting of the boundary at which the social campaign and CSR of enterprises ends and standard marketing begins.