The Academic Innovation Incubator: a Project Exchange

The Academic Innovation Incubator: a Project Exchange

The Academic Innovation Incubator is an undertaking by the company Data Techno Park, the aim of which is an increase in the number of enterprises operating on the basis of innovative solutions.


Primary project goals:

  • identification of initiators and encouragement as regards the commencement of innovative economic activity based on unique know-how and patents, through the foundation of companies and provision of capital;
  • creation of a constant mechanism for the preincubation and incubation of spin-off companies on the basis of research projects and new technologies;
  • support for new forms of commercialization of knowledge;
  • utilization of the synergy effect with regard to all Data Techno Park activities.


The task of the AII is finding teams of originators who, together with Data Techno Park, will propose the creation of a new business based on the commercialization of an innovative solution, and will convince DTP that the new company is capable of realizing the proposed undertaking with success. Planned within the project is the incubation of business entities from the fields of IT in medicine (information and communication technologies in medicine), medicine itself, chemistry, biotechnology and environmental protection / RES.


The project is being realized as part of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme for the years 2007-13, Measure 3.1. Initiating of innovative activity.


Subsidization amount: PLN 9,996,000.00
Realization period: February 2014 – December 2015