Vail Europe 2014 – conference summary

Vail Europe 2014 – conference summary


The development of regenerative medicine, the usage of sensors monitoring the coalescance of wounds, bones, nerves and organs after transplantation and usage of the Internet of Things in the diagnosis and treatment of patients – these were the main topics of the international Vail Europe 2014 conference, that took place on 25-27 May in Wrocław. The conference was organized by Data Techno Park (Wrocław’s Medical Science and Technology Organization).

The main objective of the conference was the exchange of knowledge and experience between scientists and entrepreneurs focused around the connection of medicine and information technology. Prepared in the framework of the conference lectures and panel discussions which were concerned with the possibility of usage of the Internet of Things (IoT) in medicine, biotechnology and information technology. It is regenerative medicine that is one of the key areas of medicine using the concept of the Internet of Things in practice. They are likely to be applied on the ground of regenerative medicine solutions such as wound healing sensors or sensors that monitor the internal organs after transplantations.

During the conference the “Prescription for Poland” project, which was initiated in Wrocław during last year’s Vail Europe conference, was discussed. The aim of the program is to develop cooperation in the field of innovative technology combining medicine and IT systems (IT-MED). “Prescription for Poland” is going to enable and facilitate the cooperation between Polish and American scientists and business representatives. The result of the program will be the creation of innovative companies, as well as the launch of Polish products and technologies, which are about to compete with those present in the global market. Roadmap for implementation of the program is being prepared by Prof. Maria Siemionow, Chair of the Steering Committee of „Prescription for Poland”.


Yassi Moghaddam (International Service Science Innovation Professionals), Maria Siemionow  MD PhD DSc (University of Illinois, Chicago)

Andrzej Ruciński PhD (University of New Hampshire), Janusz Liberkowski (VSens Inc., USA)


Michael Yaszemski  MD PhD DSc (Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota), Maria Siemionow MD PhD DSc (University of Illinois), Zelalem Temesgen MD (Mayo Clinic Rochester, Minnesota), Yassi Moghaddam (International Service Science Innovation Professionals)


Zbigniew Rybak MD PhD (Wroclaw Medical University), Jerzy Rozenblit PhD (University of Arizona), Janusz Liberkowski (VSens Inc., USA)